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About Solar 1

Dear Buyer,

We are proud to present to you our Solar-1® line of Industrial Work wear and Outerwear. Our line of work wear products have been designed and tested to comply with Industrial Laundry Standards and perform better in wash tests than all our competitors. These results can be made available to you upon request. Our line of high-tech Law Enforcement Jackets exclusively designed and manufactured to meet the needs and expectations of Security and Law Enforcement Officers.

Our Solar-1® Duty Jackets and Work wear offer the highest quality garments in the industry, with lots of useful features. The Solar-1® Brand was introduced in 2000 and has since been adopted as a new standard by many; excellent quality but at very reasonable prices.  It is the belief of the founders that it is not worth compromising quality to reduce cost; it’s true that one can use a lighter fabric, a cheaper zipper, a lower stitch count and lots of other short cuts employed by many to save  money. You can rest assured none of these short cuts are ever considered for any Solar-1® garments.

The Solar-1® philosophy is to not cut corners when it comes to quality. Solar-1® garments, whether it is the Police Duty Jackets, Security Jackets or the Work Pants and Work Shirts are all made from the best fabrics and materials available. For example, when it comes to the insulated liners for the Police Duty Jackets, all of them come with the world renowned 3M Thinsulate® lining.  You get the warmth but not the bulk. When it comes to the outer shell of these garments, they are water proof but breathable!  The fabric allows perspiration vapors to escape, but keep the water out.

When it comes to the reflective striping to meet the ANSI Standards, Solar-1® Garments all come with 3M® Reflective Striping, the best in the industry for its reflective properties.  Solar-1® Work Pants and Shirts are the absolute best in the industry. The excellent fit and construction are just part of the story.  The fabric that these products are made from is unparalleled in its ability to stand wear and tear, shrinkage, stains, remain wrinkle free and great color retention. It was developed at great expense through a process of trial and error over a period of 3 years. Why did it cost so much and take so long? This fabric was developed to withstand the harsh conditions of the industrial laundries in USA. We had to make sure this fabric was “fail proof”! They require a minimum life span for fabric used to in their pants and shirts of 50 washings in “industrial laundries”. These laundries use harsh chemicals and treatments to make sure the high volume of garments come clean. Most ordinary garments would be ruined with in 5 of these washes. Solar-1® garments have proven their performance.

The Solar-1® Work Pants and Shirts can withstand 100 wash cycles and probably more. These tests have been verified by world famous testing companies such as SGS and ITS. In short, when buying Solar-1® garments, you should know you are going to get the best quality, fit and look at the best prices in the market. You need to look no further!

In an economy of budgetary constraints our Jackets will save you money freeing up your precious resources for other important needs. The performance of our Jackets can best be judged when worn, most importantly by the people who are in profession that always demands the best. 

All our Jackets are in stock and ready for delivery.

Please feel free to call me directly at 949-752-0424 and I would be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding our line of Workwear and Outerwear products.

It will be our honor to serve you.

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